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December 3rd Pioneer RCQ $2K

December 3rd Pioneer RCQ $2K

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  • Description
    Come out and play in our Pioneer Regional Championship Qualifier on Saturday, December 3rd. This is a $35 event with 4 - 6 rounds of swiss, depending of participation, with a cut to Top 8. This event has a 150-player max capacity.

    Format: Pioneer

    Prize out

    1st Place: RCQ Regional Championship Invite, Foil selfless spirit, $800 Cash

    2nd Place: $400 Cash, Selfless spirit, top 8 pin

    3rd & 4th Place: $200 Cash, Selfless Spirit, top 8 pin

    5th - 8th Place:  $100 Cash, Selfless Spirit, top 8 pin


    Limited to 150 entries, prize outs are set, regardless of participation. Limit one entry per person. Your entry is not valid until full payment is received. No web pay in-store payments are valid within 48 hours of the start of the event. If you are not seated by the check-in cut-toff, your entry will be made available to the wait list. PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY.

     This is an entry for an event, no products will distributed.