Sell us your cards

Mighty Meeple Buylist Policy and Instructions

To submit an offer for selling cards, please read our Buylist policy and follow the instructions below:

1) Creating a Buylist.
2) Checking out.
3) Choose payment method.
4) Submit your Buylist
5) Shipping and packaging Instructions
6) Mailing us your buy order
7) Bringing your buy order to our retail location
8) Exceptions and important information   *please read before submitting any orders*


1) Add cards you want to sell to us to your cart.

There are two ways to do this:

            Look up cards directly and add them one at a time:

First, change the search bar at the top from Store to Buylist.  Then, add to your shopping cart all of the cards you wish to sell to us. Make sure to check the condition guide at the top. Go to Checkout.

            Use our Buylist Builder at the top of the screen: 

This is good if you have a large collection or a list saved online.  First, click Buylist Builder at the top bar menu.  Second, add cards by name to the list, then click Continue. When you are done, select at the bottom of the screen which edition and condition of the cards you are selling.  Go to Checkout.

If you don't see a card you are trying to sell to us, then we aren't accepting them at this time or we consider it bulk.  We are currently not accept bulk commons / uncommons on the website, we do however still accept them in-store.


IMPORTANT: If you are submitting a large quantity buylist of more than 100 items, we suggest that you stop submitting items once you have reached a quantity of 100 in the “Shopping Cart”. Complete that current buylist. Then submit the rest of your items in another buylist. This keeps the server from being overwhelmed by the size of the buylist.


2) Checking out.
Once you have submitted all of the items you would like to sell, click the cart items at the top of the page and then click checkout. You will be asked to login to your Mighty Meeple account if you haven’t already. If you do not have a Mighty Meeple account, you will be asked to create one.



3) Choose your method of payment:

You can choose Check or Store Credit.



We can issue a check for any buy orders that are mailed to us.  Checks will be mailed to the address you have associated with your Mighty Meeple Account.  Please wait until you get a confirmation email before mailing out your cards.  Instructions for mailing out your cards are below.  We can also issue you Cash in store if you decide to bring us your buy order in person, just choose check as your checkout option.  Please wait until you get a confirmation email before bringing in your cards.


Store Credit:

We can issue store credit to any buy orders.  If you choose to mail your order out, please wait until you get a confirmation email before mailing out your cards.  Instructions for mailing out your cards are below.  If you choose to bring in your cards, please wait for the same confirmation email before you come in to the store.  Store credit will be applied once we receive your cards and they are in the appropriate condition as described.  The store credit will appear on the account associated with your login.


4) Confirm your address and submit your buylist 
Once you submit your buylist you will receive an email confirming you created a buy order.  
Once we have approved your buylist, you will receive an Approval Email. If you do not receive this email after one business day, email us at after checking your Spam folder.  You will need to print out the Approval Email from us and package it with the buylist.  Please have your cards sorted in the order it is on the original buylist email.  DO NOT SEND ANY CARDS TO US WITHOUT AN APPROVAL EMAIL.



5) Packaging and Shipping instructions:

When packaging a buy order, you are responsible for how the buy order is packaged and how secure it is within the packaging. We do not recommend sending binders or regular envelopes.  We would suggest putting your buy order in some sort of deckbox and then putting that within another box.  Bubble mailers with cards in top-loaders also work well. Hard plastic deck boxes have been known to break or shatter in transit, so please consider this when choosing what to put your buy order in before mailing it out.  You are responsible for shipping charges.  We also reccommend tracking on shipments as product is not our responsibility until it reaches the store.  



6) Mailing out your cards: 

Once you receive an approval email, then you can package and mail your cards to the following address:

The Mighty Meeple

c/o Buylist

8440 Pit Stop Ct

Suite 180

Concord, NC 28027


Once the store receives your cards:

Once we receive your cards, we will check the condition.  After grading is complete, you will receive an email confirming we received the cards and that we agreed with your choice of card grading.  If the condition of the card is not as described, we will select the appropriate grading for the card and send you an email with the new total of the buy order. We will then pay you via the chosen payment method.  Store credit will go on your account immediately.  a check will be issued the next business day.  The Mighty Meeple will make all efforts to issue the payment the day it is received and processed.  Processing of buy orders occurs Monday – Friday. Situations outside of our control may delay payment. If the buy order arrives sorted in any order other than the way it is listed on the confirmation email it may result in an additional sorting fee depending on the size of the buy order.  If a counterfeit card is received with a submitted buy order, the card will be disposed of in-store and the seller notified.

If you have any questions, email us at


7) Bringing an online buy order to our retail location


You may choose to bring your buy order to the store.  This option is acceptable but we ask that you put in the Comments section of the buylist that you are bringing the cards in, instead of shipping them.  Buylist orders brought to the store will be issued as cash or check depending on the store funds at the time you bring it in.  Please call the store in advance if you have a buy order totaling over $500 and would like cash.  Store credit would be applied to the account you created on the website.  Please wait for an approval email before bringing in your buy order.  Also, we ask that you sort the cards in the order as it was listed on the original buy order email.  If you have any questions, please email:

8)Exceptions and important information

Foreign Cards:

We do not buy Foreign cards at this time.  We do make exceptions on high dollar rares, but this must be handled in-store only.  Please also call ahead and make sure we are interested in the card beforehand.

Vintage Magic Cards: (Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Antiquities, The Dark, Legends and Arabian Nights)

For older collectable cards,  the condition guide may move from standard grading to hobby-style grading.  For older Magic Cards,  we recommend emailing us or calling before sending them out to work out details or pricing.

The Mighty Meeple reserves the right to refuse any buylist anytime and for any reason.

Card pricing changes daily.  Buylist tems not received within one week of their submission date are subject to price changes.

Buylists will be removed from our system within 10 business days if not received.

If you have any questions about our buy order process please email us: